Art of Devotion: Altar-Building Workshop in Oakland CA, 12-14 April, 2019

Please join Ekabhumi Ellik for a series of events celebrating, utilizing, and learning about the sacred art of making and maintaining a home altar.

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Threads of Culture: Delhi, Panipat & Jaipur, 11 – 24 November, 2019

Textile Arts Immersion with Charles Ekabhumi Ellik A joint project of Mystic Art Retreats and the Raj Art Initiative A unique and spectacular two-week cultural immersion focused on the sumptuous textile arts of India. Perfect for 1st-time visitors to India.… Continue

Art of Devotion: Oakland CA, 12 – 14 April, 2019

Altar-Building Workshop in Oakland CA, 12 – 14 April, 2019 Are you interested in Ceremony? Deities? Sacred Art? Do you have visionary dreams? Please join Ekabhumi Ellik for a series of events celebrating, utilizing, and learning about the sacred art of… Continue

Gateway to Ganesha 14 – 24 January, 2019

Gateway To Ganesha: Mystic Art Retreat in New Delhi & Alwar, Rajasthan 14 -24 January, 2019 This ten-day immersion gives you stunning sights, delicious food, luxurious accommodations, and a deep dive into sacred arts with world-class instructors. We invite you… Continue

Shapes of Consciousness: Gateway to Sacred Art

Friends, after three years of work, research, and testing, I’m thrilled to announce the launch my first course at Living Sanskrit — Shapes of Consciousness: Gateway to Sacred Art. This class is for everyone interested in spiritual growth, art, yoga,… Continue

Art of Devotion: Eugene, Oregon June 2018 Events

Introduction Are you interested in Altars? Deities? Ceremony? Sacred Art? Do you have any improvised altars at home that you would like to power up? You know, that shelf where you keep a groovy statue, burn incense, and light a… Continue

Bhakti Coloring Book Celebration

Friday, March 16, 2018 7:00pm-10:00pm FREE Admission Lumbini Buddhist Art Thangka Gallery 2177 Bancroft Way, Berkeley CA Please help me celebrate publication of the Bhakti Coloring Book! We’ll have books for sale before they are available in stores. Plus live… Continue

Shakti Coloring Book Featured in Yoga Journal

Ekabhumi checks in with an update on his recently published Shakti Coloring Book: EPIC NEWS! The magazine about Yoga with the largest circulation in the world, Yoga Journal, just did a full-page spread endorsing the Shakti Coloring Book. WOW! You… Continue

Red Ganesha Wall Sculpture

The Red Ganesha project was completed after a year and many hundreds of hours of work! It is a synthesis of the Basholi and Tanjore styles. This 5’x 5′ oil painting on hardwood includes 23K gold leaf, crystals, mirror tiles,… Continue

Wake Up Festival 2013

For this year’s Wake Up Festival, Sounds True invited Ekabhumi to participate as their Minister of “Ah Ha!”. Among his duties: spreading joy with chalk drawings based on delightful traditional South Indian patterns and constructing an outdoor Durga yantra from… Continue

Sacred Art Retreat Presented by Kanika and Ekabhumi in Thailand in September

Kanika Tripathi and Ekabhumi Ellik, both of OESA, will lead a sacred art retreat in Thailand from September 16-22. Manifesting Divinity: Art As Spiritual Practice will be an unforgettable experience. Making sacred art is a fun, beautiful, and profound spiritual practice. The information… Continue