Geometry of Bliss: A Sacred Art Retreat in Rajasthan, India (November 10-20, 2020)

Please join internationally-renowned instructors Ekabhumi, Mavis Gewant, and Krupa Devi for an inspiring retreat focusing on creativity, mandalas, and sacred geometry in a hillside palace!

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Our clients love us! Here’s what a few of them have to say…

I’m so lucky to teach in such an exquisite room. The Peacock Room was lovingly painted by sacred artist Ekabhumi while infusing mantra into every stroke. Hope you can join me, or any of the other wonderful teachers who teach in this space. It will uplift your practice!

Abby Tucker

Yoga instructor

When the artwork arrived, my partner asked, ‘oh my how much did that cost?’ You can tell the sign you painted was a lot more effort then anything that can be paid for such work. I’m humbled and grateful that Sky Tea has a masterpiece for a sign board 😉 lol. May blessings rain upon you.

Please send us your flyers to pass out when people ask,’who did that gorgeousness?’

Jeni Quigg

Founder, Sky Tea

Thank you so much for packing the painting so well. It survived the trip without any damages. Finally unpacked, the first impression of the life version of Venus fellt like a reunion. And now, she’s in the house, it’s like she’s always been here. Impressive, but not intimidating. Uplifting and inspiring. It brings beauty and positive energy into the house and into our lives.

Miluse Van de Kant

Yoga instructor

Just completed Ekabhumi’s Sacred Art workshop. Wow! Definitely exceeded my expectations. Ekabhumi is a dedicated artist and practitioner in the Indian Tantric tradition, and he covered a wide range of subjects with the insight and skill of someone who has lived and breathed this tradition for a long time. The class was well organized, the handouts were great, and the guest speakers added immensely. I came to the class with some knowledge of this rich tradition, but Ekabhumi really opened my eyes to the nuances of experiencing Tantric art, and this class will certainly take my own practice to a new level.

Richard B.

Student of sacred art

The team at Sounds True has shared with me this final image you have created for the Awakening Shakti book. Honestly, I am almost speechless with awe at how fine and moving I find your work. I wanted to write to you personally — hence this email — and express my appreciation. THANK YOU so much for all of the care you have taken here to create images that really bring this book to life (and ensure that it will stay on bookshelves for a long time to come). I feel very grateful to you and am so happy that Sally introduced you and your work to Sounds True.

Tami Simon

Founder and publisher, Sounds True