Geometry of Bliss: A Sacred Art Retreat in Rajasthan, India (November 10-20, 2020)

Please join internationally-renowned instructors Ekabhumi, Mavis Gewant, and Krupa Devi for an inspiring retreat focusing on creativity, mandalas, and sacred geometry in a hillside palace!

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One Earth Sacred Arts is a workshop for traditional and occasionally playful artwork in service to all beings.   Our goal is to deliver high-quality artwork crafted in a mindful manner that may be used for both spiritual and inspirational purposes.  We are not limited to any specific tradition or orthodoxy, though we specialize in Tantrik Hindu iconography.

Take a look at this gorgeous video of folks practicing Yoga Asana, partner movement, hula-hooping, and of course sacred art.  Our own Ekabhumi is filmed on Baker Beach working on a large canvas of the Durga Yantra.  This painting, which has been installed at the Yoga Tree Castro studio in San Francisco, is a perfect example of our commitment to manifesting joy and serving the higher self of all who are touched by our work.

Our services include: Altar Construction, Astrology (Jyotish), Event Emceeing, Event Production, Glass Blowing, Illustration, Installation Art/Art Installation, Instructional Workshops, Logo Design, Murals, Painting, Poetry, Printmaking, Fine Art Reproductions, Ritual (Puja), Sculpture, Web Design and Woodworking