Join the inaugural Mystic Art Retreat to Rajasthan, India

Start your journey toward your fullest creative potential. Learn about sacred art from an international team of pros (details).


One Earth Sacred Arts is a workshop for traditional and occasionally playful artwork in service to all beings.   Our goal is to deliver high-quality artwork crafted in a mindful manner that may be used for both spiritual and inspirational purposes.  We are not limited to any specific tradition or orthodoxy, though we specialize in Tantrik Hindu iconography.

Take a look at this gorgeous video of folks practicing Yoga Asana, partner movement, hula-hooping, and of course sacred art.  Our own Ekabhumi is filmed on Baker Beach working on a large canvas of the Durga Yantra.  This painting, which has been installed at the Yoga Tree Castro studio in San Francisco, is a perfect example of our commitment to manifesting joy and serving the higher self of all who are touched by our work.

Our services include: Altar Construction, Astrology (Jyotish), Event Emceeing, Event Production, Glass Blowing, Illustration, Installation Art/Art Installation, Instructional Workshops, Logo Design, Murals, Painting, Poetry, Printmaking, Fine Art Reproductions, Ritual (Puja), Sculpture, Web Design and Woodworking