Art of Devotion: Altar-Building Workshop in Oakland CA, 12-14 April, 2019

Please join Ekabhumi Ellik for a series of events celebrating, utilizing, and learning about the sacred art of making and maintaining a home altar.

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On this page you’ll find a showcase of OESA projects. Click any title or image to view a slideshow for that project.


The Red Ganesha project was completed after a year and many hundreds of hours of work! It is a synthesis of the Basholi and Tanjore styles. This 5’x 5′ oil painting on hardwood includes 23K gold leaf, crystals, mirror tiles,… Continue

The string helped me to keep everything in alignment. I used a compass to align the construction with the auspicious Eastern direction.

For this year’s Wake Up Festival, Sounds True invited Ekabhumi to participate as their Minister of “Ah Ha!”. Among his duties: spreading joy with chalk drawings based on delightful traditional South Indian patterns and constructing an outdoor Durga yantra from… Continue


OESA associate Ekabhumi has created a magnificent set of illustrations for Sally Kempton’s popular book, Awakening Shakti, published by Sounds True. Because of the subject matter, mostly goddesses, both lovely and fearsome, obedient and victorious, are depicted.


Work-in-progress pictures from our work on Yoga Tree Telegraph’s back studio. A feathery forest of iridescent peacock feathers surround the entire room! Kudos to Tim Dale for commissioning this sumptuous piece, and to team members: Bhadra Bee, Audry V Haller,… Continue


The owners of Yoga Tree commissioned a large painting of Ganapati, based on an old “Calendar Art” print from India. An acrylic under-painting on wood panel was painstakingly overlaid with colorful oil washes and glazes over a period of weeks.… Continue


Yantras of the effulgent goddess of desire were commissioned by two well-known San Francisco Bay Area yoga instructors, Sianna Sherman and Stacey Rosenberg. Here is a photo-journal of what that process was like for One Earth Sacred Arts when we… Continue