Claudia Anfuso (Sri Acala)

"portrait of the artist"

After attaining a BA in Psychology from Georgetown University (Washington DC), I embarked upon a lifetime of exploration. My studies in various subjects include: meditation, yoga, tantra, and esoteric and spiritual sciences including Jyotiṣa, Hasta Sāmudrika Śāstra, and Vāstu. . Jyotiṣa, from the Sanskrit word for Light, is the sacred ancient Indian art of interpreting …

Anita Sinclair

"portrait of the artist"

Anita Sinclair is a British born artist, educator and curator with extensive experience in both commercial and in the fine arts and a new interest in the sacred arts.  She earned a Master of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting. As a conceptual artist her inspiration comes from her deep-rooted connection with biological sciences, her involvement …

Anna Weisman

"portrait of the artist"

Anna Weisman has always loved to sketch and paint. She has had the privilege of studying Newari Thangka painting with two masters of the art, Dinesh Shreshta (Berkeley, California) and his brother Udaya Shreshta (Kathmandu, Nepal). Anna now creates Yantras with the Berkeley collective One Earth Sacred Arts.

Traditional and occasionally playful artwork in service to all beings.

Ekabhumi Charles Ellik and friends work together to make gorgeous custom art, yantras, mandalas, icons, and scholarly illustrations. We also provide services like arts instruction, consultation, and installation. StorePortfolioTestimonials Our goal is to deliver heirloom-quality artwork crafted in a reverential manner. We are not limited to any specific tradition or orthodoxy, though we specialize in …

Three-dimensional Sri Yantra in Progress

"portrait of the artist"

Yantras of the effulgent goddess of desire were commissioned by two well-known San Francisco Bay Area yoga instructors, Sianna Sherman and Stacey Rosenberg. Here is a photo-journal of what that process was like for One Earth Sacred Arts when we made one of them.