Anita Sinclair

Anita Sinclair is a British born artist, educator and curator with extensive experience in both commercial and in the fine arts and a new interest in the sacred arts.  She earned a Master of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting.

As a conceptual artist her inspiration comes from her deep-rooted connection with biological sciences, her involvement with forensics, and her deep feelings of responsibility towards our environment fueled by her awareness of the dire effects that humans are having on it. She is concerned about the permanent damage that we are doing with pollutants, global warming, chemicals and pharmaceuticals that get into our soil and water table, the transporting of non-native invasive species, and the genetic engineering of chimera.

As a commercial artist, she has a wide range of skills. She is a toy sculptor, prototyper, and plush designer, who focuses on licensed characters. She is a muralist she has an extensive client list that includes Warner Brothers and Disney.  She is a forensic artist who trained at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine to create forensic facial reconstruction.