Claudia Anfuso (Sri Acala)

After attaining a BA in Psychology from Georgetown University (Washington DC), I embarked upon a lifetime of exploration. My studies in various subjects include: meditation, yoga, tantra, and esoteric and spiritual sciences including Jyotiṣa, Hasta Sāmudrika Śāstra, and Vāstu. . Jyotiṣa, from the Sanskrit word for Light, is the sacred ancient Indian art of interpreting how patterns in the cosmos provide insight into the nature of the patterns of our lives. 

Along the path, I have had the tremendous fortune to meet and study with some extraordinary teachers and guiding lights. In 2004, I had the grace to meet Dharmanidhi Sarasvati Acharya, the spiritual director of Trika Institute. At that time, I embarked upon a course of study in Kashmir Śaivism, or classical Indian tantra. It was through extensive studies with Dharmanidhi (now Dharma Bhodi) that I developed a deep interest and attraction to the larger pattern of the cosmos that we are an iteration of. Jyotiṣa and Hasta and Vāstu were a natural evolution of my interests, and in 2006 I had the infinite blessing to meet and start studying with Hart de Fouw. Since then I have been studying primarily under the tutelage of Hart de Fouw and through the Vedic Vidya Institute 

Sanctioned by my teacher, I offer readings and consultations in Jyotiṣa and Hasta, combined with a deep vision and experience of life and its infinite labyrinth. I also delight in sharing what I have had the pleasure and fortune to learn through workshops, individual tutoring, and group classes.