Mantras for the Shakti Coloring Book

All recordings graciously provided by Akhil Jobanputra. Annapurna Ardhanari Bagalamukhi Bhairavi Bhuvaneshvari Chamunda Chinnamasta Dhumavati Durga Kali Kamakhya Lakshmi Lalita Matangi Parvati Sarasvati Sita Tara Vach

Akhil Jobanputra

"portrait of the artist"

Born and raised in Vancouver, Akhil Jobanputra started his journey in the Indian classical vocal form known as khayal at the age of three. Akhil is currently under the tutelage of Gurus (masters) Dr. Pandit Arun Dravid and Pandit Arijit Mahalanabis. He has also received guidance from Pandit Sanjeev Abhyankar. Akhil’s music is shaped by …

Glittering Black Kali Yantra

"portrait of the artist"

A fearless client in Canada ordered this mystic diagram of the wrathful goddess Kali. One of our most technically challenging pieces to date, this acrylic painting includes many layers of plywood, as well as black glitter, gold leaf, and hundreds of hand-shaped florets, beads, and rays. It required hundreds of hours of work.

Threads of Culture: Delhi, Panipat & Jaipur, 11 – 24 November, 2019

"portrait of the artist"

Textile Arts Immersion with Charles Ekabhumi Ellik A joint project of Mystic Art Retreats and the Raj Art Initiative A unique and spectacular two-week cultural immersion focused on the sumptuous textile arts of India. Perfect for 1st-time visitors to India. All workshops, tools, materials, transport, gourmet meals, entry fees, and 4-star accommodations are included. We …