Geometry of Bliss 10 – 20 November, 2020

A Sacred Art Retreat in Rajasthan, India, 2 – 12 March 10 – 20 November, 2020 WE REGRET THAT THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED

What is the shape of bliss? Can you actually change your mood, your mind, your subtle body or your destiny by making sacred art? Yes!

Together, we will learn the ancient system of sacred geometry and how it relates to spiritual practice. We will create artworks that actually resonate with ecstatic states of consciousness. Sacred Geometry is a visual language that expresses the nature of reality and the universe we live in. More than just mathematical symbols, the geometrical diagrams of deities called yantras and maṇḍalas are powerful tools for invoking divine powers and expanding consciousness.

This eleven-day immersion gives you stunning sights, delicious food, luxurious accommodations, and a deep dive into sacred art with world-class instructors. We invite you to be creative, relax, stretch, eat, and enjoy live entertainment at a historic palace in rural India.

If you’ve never been to India, this is a perfect introduction; you will be pampered. No worries about staying safe or navigating the many challenges of travel in this beautiful yet sometimes bewildering country. We handle everything from the moment you leave the airport terminal: all meals, lodging, transportation, and entry fees are included.

Beginner artists and the merely curious are welcome to join.  Besides daily art classes, you are free to join us for optional daily yoga classes, field trips, hikes, dance lessons, shopping, and temple visits.

Together we will create intricate patterns (kolam) on the sandstone patio with local villagers, and make a deity yantra in the traditional manner on a graceful veranda overlooking lovely Siliserh lake. We will learn the symbolism of each geometric shape, how they relate to mind and body. Classes include all the tools and materials you need to make a beautiful and potent work of art suitable for realization of your true nature.

Our three renowned instructors, Mavis, Krupa, and Ekabhumi, each bring decades of experience as instructors, professional artists, and spiritual practitioners. Our highly-skilled event producer, Mukul, will ensure your needs are fulfilled. This event will be a nourishing exploration of playful meditation, art as a way to see reality more vividly, art as a joyful expression of your own innermost wisdom.

Retreat Highlights

  • Daily art and yoga asana classes
  • Celebrate Holi, the beloved festival of colors, in India
  • Live traditional music and dance
  • Learn the symbolism and application of sacred geometry
  • All art materials and tools included (feel free to bring your own favorites)
  • 2 field trips to visit local temples, waterfalls, and architectural wonders
  • 3 meals a day featuring a wide variety of gourmet vegetarian food
  • 9 nights in the beautiful Ram Bihari Palace
  • Sight-seeing and shopping (plus tips on haggling!)
  • Airport transfer


Here’s what attendees of past Mystic Arts retreats had to say:

Thank you so much …  It was an amazing experience and I will cherish our adventure into this mystical & magical country. One of the highlight was the opportunity to be in such amazing company with beautiful like-minded ladies from around the globe.  I personally would love to see everyone in another future retreat.                       –A.F.

I truly enjoyed my experience at this Retreat and thank you for making it all possible.  It has been said one never steps in the same river twice, having made this crossing, I’ve come away with so much that will resonate for a very long time.                       –M.K.

Proposed Schedule (subject to change; it’s India, after all)

Day 1: Tuesday, 10 Nov
Travel to Alwar; orientation meeting; opening ceremony
Day 2: Wednesday, 11 Nov
Art classes at the palace
Day 3: Thursday, 12 Nov
Art classes at the palace
Day 4: Friday, 13 Nov
Half-day field trip to architectural wonders; classes
Day 5: Saturday, 14 Nov
Art classes at the palace
Day 6: Sunday, 15 Nov
Art classes at the palace
Day 7: Monday, 16 Nov
Half-day field trip to sacred waterfall; classes
Day 8: Tuesday, 17 Nov
Art classes at the palace
Day 9: Wednesday, 18 Nov
Art classes at the palace; live folk entertainment
Day 10: Thursday, 19 Nov
Closing ceremony
Day 11: Thursday, 20 Nov
Return to New Delhi; drop-off at airport or hotel

Early arrivals or extended stays: accommodation and tours can be arranged by request for an additional fee

Instructors & Staff


None! All skill levels welcome.


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Rajasthani


  • 3,500 USD for solo suite (huge room, no roommate)
  • 2,800 USD for shared room (one roommate)

If you’re interested or simply have questions, talk to us on our Facebook page! Or, if you prefer, email Mukul.