Jennifer Mazzucco

Jennifer Mazzucco, a New Jersey native, became an artist as soon as she could hold all of the crayon colors in one hand. Three artists who have had a lasting impression on her art and life that cannot be described in words are Artemisia Gentileschi, Frida Kahlo and Hilma af Klint.

Jennifer will be eternally grateful to all of her professors from Hartford Art School during her BFA in Illustration and Pace University while working on her Masters of Art Education for teaching her how to be an artist and a caring teacher who strives to be a change-maker. Yet Pema Rinzin, with whom she studied Tibetan Thangka painting for 4 years, and Mahaveer Swami, a Rajasthani Miniature Painting master whom she continues to study with have both aided in further developing her attention to detail, make her want to strive to get better at her technical skills and to bring more beauty into the world.  

Over a span of 3 decades, Jennifer has been everything from a toothbrush inspector, published children’s book and magazine illustrator, art framer, artist guild administrator, adjunct art professor, devotional artist, and middle school art teacher. She has also dedicated many of those years to working collaboratively with artists, building community art spaces, and creating non-profit organizations. Most recently Jennifer helped to spearhead an organization called Bhakti Arts Collective where she co-produced two traditional Kirtan and Classical Indian Dance Festivals featuring Artists from India, around the Bay Area, and beyond. During the last two years throughout the pandemic, Jennifer has worked diligently to bring people together while we all sheltered in place by working on a zoom art program and curriculum of over 100 classes which has served folks from coast to coast.

For Jennifer, creativity has always been a way to connect with others, as a tool for mindfulness, a way to express how she feels about the world around her, and as a literal life-saver during difficult times in her life. She spends much of her time with her 3-legged pup Choti Jyoti in nature and making art daily in her studio – which serendipitously has come full circle because she’s working on color wheels using the colors she holds in her one hand.

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