Kabir Singers Highly Recommended

This phenomenal group of devotional singers are truly inspired. It is a rare treat and uplifting spiritual experience to see them perform live. Please seek them out if you can during their upcoming visit to the US.

AI Generated Images Aren’t Trustworthy

Just a reminder that it’s not wise to use AI-generated images of Hindu deities. Especially if you don’t understand the underlying symbolism of the exaggerated anatomy. Because you could easily end up with something like THIS and not even recognize it. Large Language Models (called “AI”) are NOT intelligent. They are machines. Very sophisticated, very …

Feeling Grateful

I’m feeling deeply grateful today for art enthusiasts, aesthetes, and sadhakas who ordered prints from this website – Thank you, I hope the icons inside bring you many blessings.

New Translation of Sri Vidya Scripture FREE!

Interested in Tantra? In Goddesses?To goddess devotees, those interested in Sri Vidya (and the Sri Yantra), and sincere Tantrikas, this FREE download is highly recommended.Congratulations to Brian Campbell and Dr. Ben Williams for completing this important translation.It is truly precious for Shaktas (devotees of the Goddess in her many forms) to have access to original …