Saraswati Puja Draws Near

It is delightfully appropriate to celebrate the Goddess of the Arts by showcasing an artwork depicting Her. You can find several images of Goddess Saraswati (and the Kashmiri form known as Para Vac) in our store:

Take a look at this masterpiece by folk artist Samir Saha from Murshidabad. He skillfully carved this fragile icon of Goddess Saraswati from the delicate substance known as Shola.

Sholapith is a milky-white sponge-wood. It is commonly used to create sculptural ornaments for the ephemeral clay statues used during religious festivals in Bengal, such as Durga Puja. It is a natural product harvested from a plant popularly referred to as Phool Shola in Bengal. This is an annual aquatic plant that grows in swamps, flooded lowlands, and troughs of paddy fields.