Ashwamedha Mantras by Sri Vivek Godbole

Ancient mantras chanted by a contemporary master. Superlative pronunciation. Link leads to other recordings that I highly recommend. Here is a description from Vidura Barrios:

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These are very special and rare mantras for wealth, success and well-being, recorded by Shri Vivek Godbole. Shri Vivek really put his heart into this recording, his voice sounds so strong and full of energy.

Ashwamedha mantras are ancient Vedic hymns associated with the Ashwamedha Yajna, a ritual described in the Rigveda. These mantras are believed to invoke divine blessings, power and prosperity. Other benefits include spiritual merit, protection, and harmony.

In ancient times, the Ashwamedha Yajna involved a horse being consecrated and allowed to roam freely for a specific period. The king, or a designated representative, would then follow the horse’s path with an army. If any neighboring king challenged the horse, it would lead to a symbolic battle. The successful completion of the ritual symbolized the king’s authority, prosperity, and dominance. The horse would then be symbolically sacrificed, and various ceremonies and offerings accompanied the entire process.