Art of Devotion: Eugene, Oregon June 2018 Events


Are you interested in Altars? Deities? Ceremony? Sacred Art? Do you have any improvised altars at home that you would like to power up? You know, that shelf where you keep a groovy statue, burn incense, and light a candle once in a while? Or you just want to know what all those voluptuous deities signify?

Please join me for series of events celebrating, making, and learning about sacred art in Eugene, OR, next month, June 20-24. Events include dates that are free, sliding-scale, and paid admission. This is Eka’s first time in Eugene, so the producers want to make these important teachings accessible to all who are sincerely interested.

Maybe you are wondering about traditional ways to deepen your Yoga practice? Perhaps you’ve had visionary dreams? Some spooky experiences around the house? One of the most important uses of sacred art is the home altar, which provides protection, supports our spiritual journey, and enlivens our subtle senses.

If your interests are more casual, join me for a book signing at Tsunami Books, a coloring book party at Washburne Cafe, or bring a favorite icon of a deity, or a statue of “somebody-you-don’t-know” for an “Antiques Roadshow” type event at Balanced Hot Yoga. I will do my best to decipher who and what it is, take an educated guess at what it’s worth, and share lots of fun insights to the iconography of South Asian deities.


20 June, Wednesday
Tsunami Books – Bhakti Talk & Book Signing
21 June, Thursday
Washburn Cafe – Coloring Party
22 June, Friday
Balanced Hot Yoga – Deity Talk & “Antiques Roadshow”
23 June, Saturday
Balanced Hot Yoga – Altar Building Class
24 June, Sunday
Balanced Hot Yoga – Altar Building Class


20 June, Wednesday — Bhakti Talk and Book Signing

The author will talk about how the book was inspired and share insights from his time with Indian, Nepalese, and Tibetan sacred artists. Attendees are welcome to ask questions about Bhakti, deities, sacred art, and the symbolism encoded into these fascinating icons.

Tsunami Books

FREE admission

21 June, Thursday — Coloring Party

Please join us for an introduction to Hindu deities, sacred art, and tips on making any simple task a meditative practice. Ekabhumi will also share tips on color, blending, layering, and skillful pencil use. You’ll also get a step-by-step guide on how to make art as a transformative spiritual practice.

Washburne Cafe

Sliding scale payment: $5 – $20

Books: $16.95 plus tax; set of pencils: $4 plus tax; both: $20

22 June, Friday — Deity Talk & “Antiques Roadshow”

What is a Deity? We’ll cover different historic, lineage, and cultural interpretations of what it is we are invoking when we do ritual for a deity. And just for fun, bring your sculptures, pictures, and talismans depicting deities to the talk for an “Antiques Roadshow” type evaluation.

Balanced Hot Yoga (in the Bird’s Nest)

Admission: $20 (free with Altar Building Workshop registration)

23 June, Saturday — Altar Building Class — Day 1

This weekend intensive is a no-holds barred crash course on deity yoga, ritual, and mystic symbols. In this hands-on materials-intensive workshop, you will learn the basics on building, maintaining, using, and dismantling a home altar. We will learn simple but effective rituals that you can immediately use at home for inspiration, guidance, empowerment, and protection.

Balanced Hot Yoga (in the Bird’s Nest)

24 June, Sunday — Alter Building Class — Day 2

Hot Balanced Yoga (in the Bird’s Nest)