Announcing our Alankara Editions

Alankara Editions are exquisite multi-media artworks offered in extremely limited numbers. Each is crafted with extraordinary care and the very finest materials. All are based upon traditional sacred geometry designs from the Tantric Hindu tradition.

Illuminating the florets with gold paint as the artwork nears completion

Every design in this series begins with devotion: Ekabhumi sits in mediation, chanting the sacred mantra of the deity, and asks for blessings to begin the work. An original artwork is then made by hand, begun at an auspicious time sacred to the deity invoked, while the mantra is chanted continuously.

Every design in this series begins with devotion: Ekabhumi sits in mediation, chanting the sacred mantra of the deity, and asks for blessings to begin the work.

This artwork is then digitized and rendered as a fine-art quality giclée, using archival-quality inks on 100% cotton rag acid-free paper. The print is then carefully cut out and mounted on a Baltic Birch hardwood panel. Each design has unique properties, but usually, precious substances like platinum leaf and 24 Karat gold leaf, as well as playful materials like glitter are applied.

Extraordinary care must be taken to remove lint and dust during the application process

Every surface is hand-painted to ensure durable, vivid colors, often with three or more coats of fine art acrylic paint. This labor-intensive process results in unique masterpieces that have a spiritual potency lacking in mass-produced mechanical reproductions. A certificate of authenticity glued to the back, signed and numbered by each specialist in our team who contributed to completing the artwork.

These stunning designs are spiritual devices (yantras) composed of symmetrically-arranged geometric shapes. The word “yantra” means “device” and could be any ritual tool or diagram, but a deity yantra is a realization device, recognized as an emanation of divine power into our human level of perception. They make excellent meditation tools and help to bring forth the virtuous qualities of the deity represented.

There’s no substitute for the brilliance of real gold and pure platinum.
Here, a plain giclee print is held up next to an artwork in progress, in which the gold and platinum has been applied, but the delicate gold florettes are only partially completed.

Deity yantras are similar in function, design, and use to maṇḍalas. They are said to have been revealed to ancient sages known as Rishis (ṛṣi) for the benefit of humankind. They are considered to be the most subtle and powerful of all representations of divine beings. Usually, they are utilized to invoke divine powers (śaktis), or provide a throne (pitha) for a deity (deva).

Alankara Editions are named for the process of ritual adornment. Alankara (अलंकार or Alaṃkāra) is usually translated as, “ornament, decoration”. It is used most often to describe a concept in Indian classical music, or as a figure of speech in traditional poetry. Alankara has a long and venerated tradition in Hindu ritual, one of the sixteen upachara, or rites of devotion. This is usually in the form of augmenting the statue of a deity with silks, jewelry, flowers, and fruit. Here’s an article about this sacred art:

In sacred art, the addition of captivating patterns, ornament, and precious materials isn’t simply an act of devotion or sentimental decoration. Beauty increases the power of the artwork’s impact on the viewer, holding and directing attention. Alankara may be understood as the power of the deity itself, acting through the artist or devotee expressing divine blessings as beauty. The ability to control attention through raw beauty is considered the purest form of śakti.

To help you install your sacred art in the most auspicious way, the following materials are included: hanging hardware, incense, incense holder, deity postcard, and guide: “Care for Sacred Art”. These artworks are created with devotion, reverence, and while many thousands of mantras were recited. This is a powerful piece of sacred art; please handle respectfully! Do not set it directly on the floor, place unclean objects upon it, or display it in impure locations like a toilet or utility room.

Each Alankara Edition artwork is made to order. Allow 5-7 weeks for the artwork to be completed. Upon purchase, we will contact clients directly to confirm your order and personal information. Finished artworks may be picked up for free at our studio in Berkeley, California. Or they may be delivered or shipped to you for an additional fee, depending on the destination.

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