Sonja Picard Acquires A Treasure

By Ekabhumi Charles Ellik

Legendary Canadian jewelry designer Sonja Picard just received her new multimedia artwork from our team, a Kanakadhara yantra, and effuses:

“Since I have known Eka, I always knew one day I would have his sacred art in our home to bless our family, and life. His profound dedication, wisdom, and artistic practices are aligned with deep spiritual traditions. When he mentioned that he was creating the Kanakadhara Yantra, a manifesting and wish fulfilling yantra also known as the ‘Auspicious stream of gold’, ( like what jewelry designer doesn’t wish for that! 😍) I immediately felt drawn to it and commissioned him to create one for me. Upon receiving the Yantra, I was eager to unveil it, but due to my busy schedule for a trunk show in California, I decided to wait and cherish the anticipation to see it. I felt happy atleast it arrived in our home even if still in the shipping box. Interestingly, during the show, I experienced the best trunk show ever and although I cannot say for certain, it felt related to the arrival of the Yantra in my life. Today, I adorned myself with auspicious gold and unveiled the Yantra with Erez. We were both blown away by its beauty and radiant energy, glowing from the platinum and 24-karat gold. It fills our space with vibrancy, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have Eka’s sacred art in our home. Thank you my brother from another mother for your exceptional talent”

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Only ten hand-made copies of this extraordinary design will be made. To order your own yantra of the goddess of flowing abundance, please visit: