Shyāmā Mā: The Infinite Love of Kālī (Weekend Workshop)

An entire weekend diving deep. Song, ceremony, art, teaching tales, and first-hand heartfelt accounts from three devotees of the Dark Mother. This weekend has free public events each evening after the workshop immersion.

Ekabhumi Ellik will be joining Shivani Hawkins and Naren K. Schreiner for a long-awaited weekend retreat. More than a year ago, they teamed up for a series of online talks that were so enjoyable they’ve decided to create a live in-person event.

The talks were also profound and popular, in part because each of the presenters have different yet complimentary perspectives. Shivani and Eka are core faculty at Living Sanskrit and work together often. Eka met Naren during Durga Puja in Kolkata in 2019. It is truly a joy to listen to these brilliant folks who have so much regard and respect for one another.

Naren will lead us in a traditional invocation (puja) in the Bengali style , recognizing Mā Kālī as Bhavatārīṇī, the ‘One who causes the soul (jīva) to cross over the ocean of existence (Saṃsāra)’. He is a pujari at the Laguna Beach Kālī temple (link in the comments below) which a little sister of the Dakshineswar temple in Kolkata.
He also has an amazing voice and will be leading us in traditional song (Bhajan and Kirtan). Link to a video of him singing in the comments below.

Shivani will lead us in meditation and share what she’s learned from her spiritual teacher and her grandmother’s knee. Eka be decoding the symbolism of her distinctive (and fearsome) appearance, then lead us in a relaxing coloring session of a free print that all attendees get for free.

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Please join us!