Shakti Coloring Book Featured in Yoga Journal

Ekabhumi checks in with an update on his recently published Shakti Coloring Book:

EPIC NEWS! The magazine about Yoga with the largest circulation in the world, Yoga Journal, just did a full-page spread endorsing the Shakti Coloring Book. WOW! You can check it out in the September issue starting now.

This is especially exciting for me, because it’s an opportunity to introduce sacred art as an intrinsic part of Yogic practice to a HUGE number of people who may think it’s only about stretching and feeling calm.

Though many of the readers may have some familiarity with a few of the goddesses, my hope is to expand folks’ idea of what an enlightened being can look like (not just skinny and limber) and act like (not just gentle and calm).

So to have readers introduced to this book is a great way to help shift public opinion away from yoga-is-exercise-to-look-and-feel-good and back toward, well, YOGA.

Well, no one ever accused Ekabhumi of not having opinions! To learn more about his philosophy of yoga, please read our news articles about his upcoming seminars and workshops.