Seats of Power (Shakti Pitha) Cultural Immersion

This November, I’m finally offering an unforgettable and transformative immersion into the most sacred visual artform of the Tantric tradition: Yantra.

Yantras are “devices” for the invocation of deities into our physical realm and human perception. They are both meditation devices and ritual tools imbued with unspeakable power. They are also beautiful patterns of geometric shapes and colors with many layers of symbolism.

My teacher Mavis Gewant and I (this is Eka) will be leading a trip to India’s wonderous Himachal Pradesh region to visit the ancient temples of potent goddesses (Shakti Pitha) while learning how to draw and paint their mystic diagrams (yantras).

This is an actual deep dive into the topic where I will explain the symbolism, function, ritual use, and significance of these tantric tools for enlightenment. Mavis and I will be sharing the distilled essence of decades of practice from the lineages in which we’ve studied and the oral teachings of our gurus that were never published.

I do not know of any other teachers who are offering this level of instruction to the public. I don’t know of any other instructors or institutions that COULD offer this journey and our combined teaching experience. Mavis is the sweetest most encouraging instructor you could possibly imagine and I’m so honored to finally be teaching with her.

This event is produced by Mystic Art Retreats, so you’ll enjoy the incredible attention to detail provided by Mukul Purohit to ensure we get the best of both worlds: deep cultural immersion as well as luxurious accommodations and delicious fare.