Śrī Mahāgaṇapati Open-Edition Prints


12” x 16” monochromatic print on 16” x 20” heavy, acid-free cotton paper. Printed on a letterset press by Aesthetic Union – San Francisco, CA. Shipped flat in a plastic envelope inside four layers of cardboard.

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Jai Ekādantā! The Joyful One, the Guardian of Thresholds, the Lord of the Gaṇas with an elephant head, a gigantic belly, and enormous ears to listen for prayers. This is the rare “Great” (Māhā) Tantric form, with ten arms, many instruments (representing his powers), a precious pot spilling gems, and his consort Siddhalakṣmī sitting on his left thigh.

Available for purchase are these pre-sale items: postcards, posters, open-edition unsigned prints, and limited-edition fine art prints signed by the artist. The current (tentative) release date (when prints will ship) is November 21. This fundraiser will help complete this image and begin work on many others from the Śrī Vidyā tradition.

This project has been in progress for over a YEAR. I’ve been chanting Śrī Mahāgaṇapati’s mantra every day since we agreed to start, even before the first drawings were begun. I recently visited his shrine at the Mookambika temple in South India to ask for blessings and received positive signs at a nearby Gaṇeśa temple the next day.

Extensive research and many preliminary sketches were done. Thanks so much to Max Stetsenko and his friends at Tripura Tallika for initiating this project, doing the scriptural study, and compiling references for me to ensure this image matches the scriptural description (Dhyāna Śloka) exactly. In fact, we were unable to find any reference images that were completely accurate to the scripture and this will certainly be the only one widely available.

A digital version of the final inked drawing will be made available for FREE to the public. This is the first image of a much larger project to produce more than a dozen accurate images of goddesses from the Śrī Vidyā tradition. Next in line is the boar-headed goddess Mā Vārāhī. They will be used to illustrate new accurate translations of core scriptures (some of which are not widely available in English) and to be a resource for devotees to use in meditation. If fundraising efforts are successful, I hope to produce full-color paintings as well.

Thank you so much for supporting our work by reserving a copy and enjoying a deep discount.

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