Para Vac (Parā Vāc) Print


Goddess of knowledge and creation. This is an “Open Edition” artisanal letterset print signed by the artist.

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The “Supreme Word” goddess of inspiration, knowledge, intention, and expression, Parā Vāc is a creation goddess who appears very much like Sarasvatī (the well-known Hindu goddess of creativity and the arts). “Vac” is sometimes noted as the goddess of speech in ancient texts. Para was worshiped as supreme by initiates of the Trika (Nondual Kashmir Shaivism), who considered her to be a form of Kālī (“the Dark One”) in her bright creative mode, rather than the dark destructive mode in which she is usually depicted.

Parā Vāc is portrayed as a supremely beautiful young woman whose body is made of chrystal white light. She has a gentle expression on her face that reflects her benevolent disposition.

From the Parā-trīṁśikātātparyadīpika: “May the Supreme Power [Para] protect you, [she who is brilliantly white] as a markless moon, three-eyed, adorned with the crescent moon [upon her hair], her [two] hands showing the gesture {mudra} and the book.” 

From a hymn to Para attributed to Sahajānandanātha:  “Her right hand is adorned with the Consciousness-gesture which destroys duality in [the minds of] her devotees, and her left hand displays [a bound manuscript of] the Supreme Scripture which is the means of attaining the [liberated] state of all-including I-ness.”

About the prints: This is a very limited offering, the final ten prints of a large run. Only these 10 examples will be signed by the artist. This style of printing uses etched plates and moveable metal type on an old-fashioned German letterset press to produce an exceptionally crisp image that is actually slightly embossed in the extra thick acid-free cotton rag fine art paper. This artisanal three-color print is by Classic Letterpress of Ojai, California. The paper will be 8 x 10 inches; the size of the image itself will be approximately 6 x 9 inches. These prints will be lovingly placed in a museum-grade plastic sleeve, packed with a letter of authenticity, and shipped in a durable flat container.

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Dimensions 10 × 8 in