Sri (Śri) Yantra Schematic Poster, 17″ x 11″


Construction diagram of a Śrī Yantra project

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This “exploded view” construction diagram was made as part of a project to build large wooden yantras for Village Anusara the 2011 Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley. It was eventually turned into a best-selling t-shirt design.

Yantras are mystical diagrams, spiritual hexes, and protective talismans all rolled into one object. This is a deity yantra, which belongs to one specific goddess and is used to invoke and hold her power.

The Sri Yantra is the most famous of all Yantras.  It is said to carry the energy of the manifest universe itself, the diversity, vibration, expansion and contraction of everything.  Sri is a general term for the Goddess, and often used as an honorific title.   Though this yantra technically belongs to Tripura Sundari, it is also used for Lakshmi. Whole books have been written about it.  Each and every point is associated with a specific mantra, and the yantra itself is loaded with meaning.  It can be used as a model of the universe, of the human body, and of the legendary mount Meru upon which Shiva resides.

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Dimensions 17 × 11 in