Ganesha is one of the best-known, most beloved, and most widely worshipped of Hindu Deities. He is revered as remover of obstacles, lord of beginnings, master of categories, patron of arts and sciences, Deva of intellect and wisdom, son of Siva and Parvati. This elephant-headed Deva is honored at the beginning of all Hindu rituals and worshipped by Jyotishis (Astrologers), artists and writers.

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Coloring Books

These coloring books by Ekabhumi are offerings to the divinity in you. Lushly illustrated and arduously researched, they are introductions to making art as a spiritual practice.

Each includes images of fascinating deities and their mystic diagrams, based on examples from different regions and historic periods. These are adult coloring books, in the sense of being more sophisticated than books exclusively for kids.

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Glittering Black Kali Yantra

The breathtaking Kali yantra, mixed media (private collection).

A fearless client in Canada ordered this mystic diagram of the wrathful goddess Kali. One of our most technically challenging pieces to date, this acrylic painting includes many layers of plywood, as well as black glitter, gold leaf, and hundreds of hand-shaped florets, beads, and rays. It required hundreds of hours of work.

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