Mookambika Diptych [SOLD]


A set of two paintings (diptych) showing front and back views of the goddess Mookambika in her three forms as Mahasaraswati, Mahalakshmi, and Mahakali. As of December 2022, the work is still in progress; photos depict an early stage in its development.

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A set of two gorgeous, powerful, unique, and historically significant paintings of goddess Mookambika. It is historically significant for being the first of its kind in the Kerala Mural tradition: a set of two paintings (diptych) showing both front and back views of the goddess in her three forms as Mahasaraswati, Mahalakshmi, and Mahakali. They are being painted with love and devotion in a ritualized manner.

This unique and important artwork is offered for presale to help raise funds for a mural of eleven goddesses to be installed at Her ancient temple in Kollur, Karnataka. The paintings will all be in the celebrated Kerala mural style.

Acrylic colors on two unstretched canvases: 34” wide x 35” tall (86 x 89 cm). The original artwork is currently in progress, and will require another two months of work to complete after the initial deposit has been paid. The new owner will be considered a major patron of the mural project and will receive many additional gifts and regular updates as the temple mural project progresses.

Total price: $3000.00 USD (plus shipping).
Deposit: $1500.00 USD

This money will be used to complete the artwork. Once it is complete, the artist will send photographs to you. After approval, the balance of $1500.00 USD will be paid to complete the total price. You may pick up the finished artwork in person in Ernakulam, Kerala, or have it shipped directly to your address for a reasonable additional fee.

Inquiries: The deposit may be paid immediately here in the webstore to secure your claim. You may also contact Ekabhumi at: ekabhumi at gmail dot com for alternative arrangements or any questions. Or contact the artist directly at: midunmadav at gmail dot com

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