Royal Impressions Tour: October 29 -November 10


Guided tour of Jaipur and Kathmandu by Mystic Art Retreats.

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Royal Impressions: A luxury tour to Jaipur & Kathmandu

Wanna see stupas in Kathmandu and fortresses in Rajasthan? A swanky trip filled with great food and beautiful sights, staying in 4-5 star hotels. Super easy pace, curb-to-curb service. Just get to Delhi, we’ll take care of the rest. The trip is a blend of fun and art with likely visits to woodblock fabric-printing workshops, gem-cutting labs, ceramic factories, and artist studios, as well as temples, museums, palaces, and fortresses.

This is our first trip since the Pandemic, and it’s our first with such an intimate group of only eight people.