Gateway To Ganesha: Mystic Art Retreat in New Delhi and Alwar, Rajasthan. 14-24 Jan, 2019

Join us for art classes, gourmet vegetarian meals, live traditional dance and music, and much more in the beautiful Ram Bihari palace!

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Free Class: The Secret Code of Tantric Sacred Art

Free class at East West Books in Mountain View

324 Castro St, Mountain View, California 94041

Saturday, September 12 at 7:30pm – 9:00pm

What do ancient images of Tantric goddesses tell us about our true nature? These scintillating masterpieces are visual ‘texts’ we can ‘read’ as well as functional tools for re-patterning consciousness into a more expansive and powerful state

Still, their full potential remains hidden if the symbolism is not understood. Why do these figures have multiple arms? What do the animals, thrones, and flowers that they sit upon signify? Why do some deities sit with the right foot touching the ground, while others have the left food, and still others have booth feet planted firmly? Why would an already sublime goddess wear jewelry – and what exactly IS jewelry for a goddess, a being made of light? What is it made out of? All these questions and more will be answered.

We’ll use images from the Shakti Coloring Book to learn the most common motifs of Tantric art, focusing on how they relate to non-dual yogic practices of self-realization rather than dualistic religious supplication.